APPLIED RACING was the pioneer of the after-market triple clamp.


Triple clamps are designed with performance, function, and style in mind.


Made of billet aircraft aluminum, Applied clamps have superior strength and durability while often reducing weight.


Reversible offset bar mounts with optional heights and further forward bar mount locations allow a custom fit for the rider.


Offset changes on many models create a perfect balance between straight line stability and turning ability.


We perform rigorous testing each year with top test riders such as Doug Dubach.


Applied Clamps are not only precision machined but the fork holes are bored not honed for a perfect cylindrical shape from top to bottom reducing fork twist.


Up to 35% more surface clamping area reducing fork flex.


Lifetime warranty to original purchaser.  No other company offers this!


Our triple clamps are designed and machined in house and proudly made in the U.S.A.


Accept no less than the original and still the BEST.


About Us

Mission  Statement:

Our goal is to bring high quality, unique, and innovative products to the motorsport industry at the best possible price.  We only design and manufacture products that will increase performance and function of your bike or will improve on existing OEM products.  


History:  Applied Racing created the triple clamp market over 20 years ago with the introduction of an innovative after-market triple clamp which not only allowed the use of oversize bars but provided a more forward bar position with optional heights, as well as significantly increasing clamping surface on fork tubes and reducing fork flex.  Our first triple clamps were developed with the input of top professional riders at the time and were thoroughly track tested and proven to perform.  Currently, there are a wide variety of companies offering their version of the after-market triple clamp, but Applied Racing was the original and is still the best.  


Why Applied? Our designs are created in house by the founder of the company  (an avid motorcycle enthusiast and rider) not a contracted draftsman.   Only the strongest aircraft quality materials are used in our manufacturing process.  Our products are all precision machined in house on the latest CNC equipment in our southern California facility.


Applied performs rigorous testing of products and offsets every year using top test riders including Doug Dubach. 


Applied stand behind our products and offers an unprecedented lifetime warranty of all triple clamps to the original owner.

Hours: Monday through Thursday 8:00am to 3:00pm

Location: 39165 HWY 79 Warner Springs CA 92086

ph. 951-694-3267